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Reap the Benefits of Seasonal Foods

Do you ever crave certain foods seasonally?  If so, understand that this is a healthy signal from your body and if acted on will help to nourish and protect you. This excludes cravings for cookies at Christmas, pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and hot dogs on the Fourth of July.  I know some of you were thinking this.   For centuries, Ayurvedic practitioners as well as ancient Chinese herbal doctors have followed a diet of the seasons. Although logistical factors make this very dependent on where you live, your body does adjust to your climate and does tend to desire what it needs nutritionally based on the time of the year it is.  If you don't tend to crave fruits or vegetables in season- consider yourself broken.  This will catch up with you eventually in the form of digestive disorders and degenerative diseases. Eat what is harvested locally in the present season, align yourself with nature and keep your body healthy. In today's world, you can virtually have any food