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  EING WELL HEALING HAPPENS AT JOY by Catherine Stack Facebook Twitter Email Facebook Twitter Email Print Save Photo by Catherine Stack What do you think of when you think of joy? That feeling of your heart-bursting happiness when your cup is running over with pure bliss? The tears that come to your eyes when you see a baby for the first time, or watching that baby take her first steps? It could be an elated scream as the roller coaster careens down the track or the way your dog welcomes you home each and every time you come through the door. Joy is present in so much of life, and an important emotion to experience as often as we can.  All emotions have a frequency of vibration. For example, love and joy vibrate at a very high frequency (528 hertz, to be specific). At these higher frequencies, healing happens with fluidity. Negative thinking, anger, and fear vibrate at much lower frequencies. These frequencies facilitate disease and chronic illness and inhibit the healing process.    Y

A Midlife Rollercoaster Ride

  A Midlife Rollercoaster Ride Catherine Stack ND, CNM For a few individuals, menopause (or MANopause) is a fairly uneventful few years occurring somewhere between the years of forty and fifty five.  And then there are the rest of us! It may begin as an unexplainable, low level anxiety that sits just below the surface of our emotions.  Maybe it is just an annoying wake up at 2 am for no reason.  Some women will wonder why they just woke up, only to immediately feel the most intense wave of heat attempt to escape their body in a burst of sweat, heart palpitations, and the overwhelming need to open the window (even if it is only 20 degrees outside).  You are sure that the caloric burn of such an event should be equivalent to a week's worth of food and yet here you are gaining a few more pounds each and every year.  Your husband’s facial hair seems to have become contagious and you are curious as to why everyone thinks that YOU are moody.   Although it does not appear that men experie