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Overwhelmed? Consider Adrenal Fatigue

Fatigue is a typical plaint of a large portion of the population. It may not be the first complaint, but it is almost always on the list. Many individuals suspect thyroid issues, hormone imbalance, illness, or even just their stressful life. These assumptions may be correct but what many fail to consider is adrenal fatigue. You have two adrenal glands located just above each of your kidneys. Each is no bigger than a walnut and weighs less than a grape yet is responsible for one of the most important functions in your body: managing stress. Your resiliency, energy, endurance, and your very life all depend on their proper functioning. As part of your endocrine system, your adrenal glands secret more than 50 hormones, many of which are essential for life. It's estimated that up to 80 percent of adults experience adrenal fatigue during their lifetimes, yet it remains one of the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the United States. Ironically, the adrenal glands are there to help y