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Everyone Needs A Little R&R!

Rest and relaxation are probably at the top of the list when it comes to health and well-being. For those who know how to do it have found the antidote to stress in their lives. Rest is necessary to restore health in the body, as most disease states are made worse by stress or even caused by it. When we relax, our body has the ability to unwind and reap from the benefits listed below. Rest and relaxation restore and repair our bodies when we sleep. Rest gives us more energy, enhances our immune system and will even dramatically improve our concentration. As a result, we are much more efficient in less time. Those that don't rest or sleep well are less productive. Well-rested and relaxed individuals are much more in control of their emotions. They have fewer emotional outbursts such as anger, crying, anxiety and frustration. They are much more adept at putting life into proper perspective rather than carrying on like an overtired two year old. Physically, rest lowers the