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In these very strange times, it is more important than ever to protect our health and keep our immune systems strong. Sometimes, even those who normally wouldn't consider a vaccine are now facing the possibility of the decision to take one. I am one of them. I usually opt out as I feel I have a very strong immune system with optimal Vitamin D3 levels. I also have tools at my disposal (supplements and foods) that would help me overcome much of what I could come down with. That being said, I will probably get the Covid-19 vaccine. My reason may seem superficial as I do not fear Covid-19, but I do miss my Dad---very much. He is in a local nursing home and I have only seen him briefly since this pandemic began. I miss our visits, I miss his hugs. I want more hugs! He has dementia and has little concept of time for that I am grateful. Traveling is also one of my favorite hobbies and feel it will become a requirement to show proof of vaccination in order to get anywhere. Th