Everyone Needs A Little R&R!

Rest and relaxation are probably at the top of the list when it comes to health and well-being. For those who know how to do it have found the antidote to stress in their lives.

Rest is necessary to restore health in the body, as most disease states are made worse by stress or even caused by it. When we relax, our body has the ability to unwind and reap from the benefits listed below.

Rest and relaxation restore and repair our bodies when we sleep. Rest gives us more energy, enhances our immune system and will even dramatically improve our concentration. As a result, we are much more efficient in less time. Those that don't rest or sleep well are less productive.

Well-rested and relaxed individuals are much more in control of their emotions. They have fewer emotional outbursts such as anger, crying, anxiety and frustration. They are much more adept at putting life into proper perspective rather than carrying on like an overtired two year old.

Physically, rest lowers the blood pressure. One of my favorite experiments is to take someone's blood pressure before and after a brief scalp massage. The results are dramatic! You can easily reduce your heart rate with relaxation techniques that can be done anywhere. Individuals who meditate on a regular basis can get their heart rate significantly lower while reaping the benefits of a meditative state.

Many complain that they are overworked. I myself could easily fall into that category if you totaled up the hours between the hospital, my office, and writing for three publications on a regular basis. I am extremely over protective of my downtime and will schedule trips every few months, even if it is just for an overnight.

Very few people understand the benefits of "checking out" for a bit of R&R. I recently took my employees on an overnight to Keuka Lake to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Even just 24 hours of laughing, good food, great walks and weather was priceless when it came to quality downtime.

When was the last time you had something to look forward to on your calendar? Everyone should always have something they are looking forward to on the horizon as often the anticipation alone has just as much benefit as the actual event. I highly recommend doing this! It keeps you motivated and always looking forward to something.

People who know how to take time for themselves are much more creative, optimistic and will likely go to their graves with few regrets.

Individuals who are "too busy" or have to "get stuff done" all the time are often shell shocked when life pulls the rug out from under their feet. It is then they begin to sing the "should have-would have" song.

Don't let all the tiny details in life fool you into thinking you can't relax and enjoy. This is broken thinking. Money issues don't prevent you from seeing a spectacular sunset, taking a walk on a beautiful day or just being grateful for what you do have. Don't be the downer of a person who comes up with many irrelevant excuses why you are too busy and can't do this or that. People will not likely gravitate to you and you'll soon find yourself with plenty of time to relax, as you will be alone.

By learning how to really rest and in the process relax muscle tension, many of the problems brought about by psychological stress, such as acid stomach, headache, nervousness and fatigue, may be stopped. Unfortunately, what some people may consider to be rest and relaxation may actually include considerable emotional tension or psychic strain. Coming home from a long day at work to watch the news might not be the best form of relaxation.

Whether it is a long walk at the end of your day, a country drive, watching the sunset or a planned trip, you have much to gain physically as well as emotionally. So RELAX!


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