No-Fail Weight Loss Tips!

Losing weight is the number one resolution made each year and many fail because they do not understand that what you are eating will make or break your chances for success. Losing weight is easier than you think if you follow the suggestions listed below.

Start with a cleanse

Clean up that body and watch weight loss take place faster than it would if you skipped this step. Ridding the body of toxins and making sure your bowels are not sluggish should be considered before all else.

Diet: A temporary state of mind

What are you going to do when the diet is finished? Go back to eating the way you used to? If that’s the plan, then add 10 pounds to your current weight. The word “diet” implies a temporary state of avoiding or eliminating certain foods. When you have reached your goal weight, these foods slip back into your life along with the weight you worked so hard to lose.

Don’t give in to the sweet tooth

The most common problems most individuals have are dealing with cravings for sugar or anything sweet. We have become a nation that is dependent on sweets. This hasn’t served us well. Children can’t think or sit still, people are fatter than ever, and Type II Diabetes is just a matter of “when” for most people. Artificial sweeteners have made the problem worse. Not only are they neuro-toxic, but also create more of a sweet tooth than you ever had in the first place. This is very dangerous for diabetics. Artificial sweeteners make it more difficult to lose weight. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Don’t avoid healthy fats

We were brain washed to a detrimental fault, which ended up escalating heart disease, obesity and diabetes rates. Healthy fats (omega-3 fatty acids) such as olive oil, walnuts, fish, eggs, flax and chia help us metabolize fat, not gain weight. It will also help protect your brain, reduce inflammation, keep serotonin levels up, and will improve depression in people who suffer.

Minimize Grains

It may be best to avoid wheat, multi-grain, and most grains in general. Inflammatory for most people, wheat has become genetically modified in this country. It serves no healthy purpose and our bodies do not recognize it. When most people avoid wheat, sinus conditions clear up, pain minimizes, and weight comes off easy. Rice is OK for most, as well as oats and quinoa.

Don’t ignore your blood type

Because the Blood Type Diet is extremely anti-inflammatory, you will not only experience weight loss, but your overall health will also improve. The two worst foods for an A blood type are red meat and wheat. Wheat, chicken and corn will be the downfall for the B blood type. O blood types would be best on a grain-free, dairy free diet. Yogurt is not beneficial for an O blood type. AB’s are a bit more complicated. You can visit for more information regarding the Blood Type Diet.

Get enough protein

Most individuals do not get enough protein and this is quite the obstacle when it comes to losing weight. Don’t be fooled into thinking that protein only comes in the form of meat or eggs, as there are many plants such as spirulina and spinach, which contain more protein pound for pound than meat. Protein shakes are a great addition, but be wary of those containing whey (not good for A and O blood types), artificial sweeteners, and long ingredient lists. Sunwarrior and Vega are excellent brands of plant-based protein powders, which are safe and digestible—even for a baby.

Avoid fake foods

Don’t be fooled by labels that proclaim health! Packaged and frozen meals will cause more harm than good. Avoid foods that require a microwave. Long ingredient lists often contain hidden MSG, trans-fats, cancer-causing chemicals, sugar, and insane amounts of salt.

Address Constipation

Constipation is a roadblock when it comes to weight loss.  If you are not moving at least once per day, your desired weight loss will not come as fast as you desire.  You can restrict all the calories, drink all the water and eat all the fruit and veggies in the world.  If you are not pooping, you will have a hard time budging the scale.  Visit Constipation Clinic for a whole bunch of helpful advice to get things moving.

Eat more vegetables than fruit

Again, we are back to sugar, but I see this all the time. So to make it simple, eat at least 4 servings of vegetables per one serving of fruit. This will help keep you on the right track and not have you falling into the sugar trap.

Success is easy if you stay focused, motivated, and get through the hardest part — the first week. After that, you are clear-headed, and energetic and will notice the pounds melting off. Exercise will accelerate the progress, but don’t feel that you will fail if you cannot work out for 90 minutes every day. You can succeed with just 20 minutes per day. Walking, skiing, dancing, yoga, and more will keep you heading in the right direction.


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