I don’t often get the common cold and I have not ever gotten the flu (or flu shot).  Prevention 
and early treatment are essential to get through the “sick” season relatively unscathed and I’m going to share my best tips and supplement protocols with you.  Prevention is always best, but having a plan for when illness creeps in will have you feeling better in no time. Keeping items in stock will help you turn things around rapidly.  You can’t afford to wait a few days for a delivery when you are ill and I’m sure you won’t be up to shopping.

Prevention is Key

Now I am not the girl who sanitizes everything as there is something to be said about building up the immune system, but hand washing is extremely important when it comes to spreading germs.  I know some people complain that their hands become dry and chapped (you might need more healthy fats in your diet), but this is not a valid excuse not to wash your hands frequently throughout the day.  

Vitamin D3 is extremely important for a strong immune system.  Unfortunately, most run very low without supplementation.  This does not only make you much more susceptible to colds and flu, but a host of other issues as well.  Autoimmune diseases and many cancers have the common denominator of a low vitamin D3 as well. Levels between 65-100 seem to be the most protective.  For most individuals this takes approximately 6000iu’s per day. My favorite type is Liqui-D3 by Rx Vitamins.  It is extremely bio-available and so easy to take. 

Vitamin C is also a great preventer.  Unfortunately, the most common type our there is ascorbic acid which is only ¼ of what vitamin C really is.  Sadly, this is what you are finding on the shelf. Better options would be C-1000 by Protocol for Life Balance or Ester-C by Klaire Labs.  1000mg per day of C-1000 or 500mg of Ester -C is a great seasonal protocol for prevention.

Colloidal Silver is the best prevention when it comes to being around sick individuals or travel.  Colloidal silver is antibacterial (without destroying good bacteria), antiviral and antifungal.  I use 5 sprays daily during cold and flu season and also before boarding flights. This is especially helpful for those who are prone to yearly sinus infections and bronchitis.  ACS Silver by Results RNA is my seasonal favorite.

Sleep is restorative and preventative when it comes to your health.  An overworked, overtired individual is an open door to illness. Cerentity by Ortho Molecular Products is my favorite go to for help when I need a good night's sleep.  (It is also exceptional for daytime anxiety). Try SoundCloud to find a sleep meditation or music that works for you.

Okay,  everyone is susceptible now and then but when illness strikes you want to act fast to turn things around.  

Not very holistic.  I have found that when I think I’m coming down with a cold, if I can prevent that stuffy nose from happening, I can overcome it all together.  I use 1 tablet of pseudoephedrine and 400mg of guaifenesin.  I rarely need more than a few doses. **Not for those suffering from arrhythmias or high blood pressure.

Overdose on Vitamin C.  I will now increase my dose to Vitamin C to 6000mg daily.  If this dosage causes diarrhea, back down to 4000mg. The higher you can go, the faster you will clear the illness as it acts as an illness flush.

Zinc.  Although some have trouble tolerating zinc (nausea), most can tolerate 30mg daily.  Zinc is a strong antiviral. I like Zinc Supreme by Designs for Health.  Take it will food.

Colloidal Silver.   As described above, colloidal silver has antiinfective properties but unlike the preventative dosing, increase to 5 sprays, 3 times daily.  

DEFENSE by Optimal Health Systems is probably one of my favorite remedies and works fast against the common cold.  Unfortunately, you have to order from OHS direct but they have excellent customer service.  If you mention my name, I believe you get a discount off your first order. While you are there, they also carry the best probiotic at a great price, FLORA PLUS.  I always recommend probiotics after antibiotic or steroid use.

Oscillococcinum is specific for the flu.  One vial every 6 hours will shorten downtime from flu significantly.  This is one of my favorite homeopathic remedies. 

Chicken Soup.  Freeze some homemade chicken soup for when illness strikes.  There is nothing better. Try this Chicken Soup recipe.

Stay hydrated.  I know, it is so hard to stay hydrated when you are not feeling well but it will help you to feel better, liquify secretions and rid yourself of the illness faster.  Warm water with lemon, bone broth and herbal tea with honey are just a few suggestions. CLICK HERE for  more suggestions.

WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE.  People who say “I never get sick” are generally right.  This is a basic example of the Law of Attraction. Individuals that say and believe they will rarely get sick will probably not get sick as often and those who say, “I am always sick” or “I catch things so easily.”  Be mindful of what you say and think as it has incredible power over your circumstances.

To find most of these supplements, log into the incredible and high quality FULLSCRIPT platform.  This is where my patients go to get their supplements. 

Catherine (Cathi) Stack is owner, facilitator and Doctor of Naturopathy at Journey II Health, LLC established in 2007 and currently located in Niagara Falls.  Along with her naturopathic practice that specializes in colon health and bio-identical hormone replacement, Stack is a practicing staff midwife at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.  She currently writes articles for local, national and international publications. Cathi’s first book, “Free Yourself from a CONSTIPATED Life”, is a multi award winning book available on Amazon as well as her newest, “PUSH, Labor & Delivery from the Inside Out.” Visit www.cathistack.com for more info.


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