Food Combining Impacts Your Health

Nothing will empower you or make you feel better than eating healthy whole foods. Eating according to your blood type has always been a favorite of mine as so many individuals suffer from inflammation and eating for your blood type reduces it dramatically. But there are other eating styles that may be a better option for you.

Dr. William Hay is the name most associated with food combining. Although he did not "invent" this way of eating, he is the man most responsible for bringing it to the attention of many when it reversed his own dismal diagnosis of kidney and heart disease back in the early 1900's. He went on to write books on the topic and although there have been a few revisions, many have reaped the benefits.

In a nutshell, food combining is rather easy although it conflicts with many of our current eating habits. The two basic fundamentals of food combining are; 1) Eat fruit alone and on an empty stomach and 2) Don't combine proteins with starches at the same meal. Right off the bat, the sandwich, spaghetti and meatballs and the meat and potato combinations would need to be eliminated. Vegetables (except potatoes and corn) can be combined with anything, which opens up many possibilities.

Most fail to understand why fruit needs to be separated from other foods. We add it to cereal, yogurt, and many consider it to be a healthy option to dessert. Actually fruit would be better served as an appetizer at least 1/2 hr before dinner. Of all foods, fruit needs very little help digesting in the body and it will typically transit very fast and without difficulty. Fruit acids disable the enzyme pepsin, which digests protein and they also disturb the proper medium that starches would need to be broken down in. When you mix fruit with other food groups you negatively impact your own digestion, making it very hard for your body to function- leaving you feeling like a slug. Please do not be mislead and think that fruit is unhealthy. Fruit is actually a "super food" loaded with antioxidants and many other beneficial properties, but it should be eaten alone.

Sandwiches are not a healthy option for the general public. I have never been a fan of sandwiches as they usually are filled with something processed or unhealthy. The bread addiction is something that should be conquered. Fresh warm bread like anything else should be a treat once in a while and not a staple that accompanies most meals on a daily basis.

Meat, poultry, or fish served with vegetables of your liking are a perfect meal. Whole grains, such as rice and quinoa, are a great addition to many beans and chopped vegetables to make a portable, healthy salad that leaves you nourished, feeling full and energized. Many consider beans a protein but actually are considered starches based on the ratio of protein to starch. Soybeans are an exception and should be considered a protein and not mixed with starches.

Initially this may seem difficult as old habits die hard, but in no time you will notice some of the welcome and unexpected benefits of the healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits of food combining are relief and elimination of digestive disorders (especially acid reflux) and food allergies. Food combining restores energy levels and protects the body against the damaging effects of stress. The majority of readers will be drawn to the benefit of weight loss--- especially when many other styles of eating have failed them. No more counting or weighing, just learn your food groups and separate certain foods.

When you speak to those who practice food combining on a regular basis, their well being, physical health, and vitality are palpable and you'll most likely want what they've got.

There are many books and resources available for those who would like to experience all the valuable benefits that food combining has to offer. I highly recommend Kathryn Marsden's book, The Complete Book of Food Combining, as it provides insights and easy to follow instructions and explanations. It is a frequently used tool in my practice.

I like to switch things up every once in a while when it comes to eating and supplementing. It keeps the body flowing and helps to "clean up" an environment that can easily become stale and stagnant. Food combining is an easy approach to cleaning things up in your life and you may even decide to make it a permanent lifestyle addition that would benefit your health and longevity. 


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