Good News For Meat Eaters

There is a lot of confusion and controversy when it comes to eating meat.  Is it good for you?  Is it increasing your risk for heart disease?  I don’t blame you for being confused.  I personally love an occasional steak and would hate to think that it is causing harm in my body. Many problems have come about since the American Heart Association stated that people needed to avoid saturated fats if they are to prevent heart disease.  For one, people started eating low fat and fat-free.  If you eat low-fat, most likely you started eating an enormous amount of refined carbohydrates which converts to sugar in the body.  In a nut shell, this low fat lifestyle lead to a tremendous increase in obesity, type II diabetes and even increased your risk for stroke and heat disease.  Fat does not make you fat, sugar makes you fat!  Our cholesterol levels and inflammation markers soared.

Fans of the Atkins diet would brag about their weight loss and ability to eat all the meat they want.  Unfortunately, I’d see many people eating cold cuts, pepperoni, and other processed meats and think they were “doing it right”.  Yes, they may have noticed weight loss, usually very temporary, but it did nothing to promote health in their lives.

For anyone that knows me personally, knows that I am an advocate of the Blood Type Diet.  Basically this diet will reduce inflammation and in the body if you follow some easy guidelines.  Many have lost weight and come to better health in a short period of time.  “O” Blood types are the most common blood type and actually benefit from eating red meat more than chicken or turkey.  The second most common blood type is the “A” blood type.  These people, in general, do not like red meat and would be the best blood type to be vegetarian.  Type “A’s” that eat red meat have an increased risk for gastrointestinal cancers.  They would benefit greatly to avoid red meat, or at the very least take digestive enzymes when they do indulge.  Chicken causes inflammation in the “B” blood type and should be avoided.  “B’s” typically do very well with seafood and for the most part, like it.  Then there is the more uncommon “AB” blood type.  They tend to be a little more complicated as they combine many features of the “A” and “B” blood types. 

Now back to meat.  The good news for meat eaters is that Circulation Online (5/17/10) revealed a new analysis from Harvard that looked at 20 studies that involved more than one million people.  The bottom line, “when all data was pooled, consumption of unprocessed red meat (e.g., unprocessed meat from beef, pork and lamb) was not associated with risk of coronary heart disease or diabetes mellitus.”  This is great news for the meat eater.  However, processed meats such as hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon, salami, sausage and bologna were linked to both heart disease and diabetes.  These processed meats have a high sodium and nitrate preservative content which are also linked to increased cancer risk as well.

A good butcher is very particular about where his meat comes from.  We are very fortunate to have “The Natural Link” in our neighborhood.  Located in Lewiston, Walt does an amazing job of brining you the best, hormone free, beef and chicken.  The customer service is outstanding so if you are stuck and need ideas — he has some great recipes to try as well.

Again I say, eat real food!  Real food does not have an ingredient list.  Fresh herbs and spices add great flavor without adding seasonings that contain preservatives that will harm us.  So enjoy that steak and live a long and healthy life.


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